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Chemical Peeler Centrifuge

The Horizontal Chemical Peeler is a batch type automatic / semi automatic filtering centrifuge. The axis of rotation of the basket in this centrifuge is horizontal. They are used in many processes, primarily in the bulk chemicals and food industries.

Operation :

  • Slurry is fed into the rotating basket using a feed pipe.
  • Cake Washing (using a wash pipe) and dewatering cycles are carried out.
  • Liquid is discharged through a discharge pipe
  • A scraper knife cuts the solids discharging through nozzle in the Lid / Cover.


Flexibility - Chemical peeler Centrifuges can be adopted easily to changing process requirements. Different control recipes can be used to select the optium operating speed and cycle sequence for yieldling the highest product quality at peak capacity. Lower residual cake moisture due to high centrifugal forces. Mounting on anti vibration mounts results in lower forces being transmitted to the foundation

Optional Features :

  • Cake monitoring system
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Complete automation using PLC
  • Inerting System